In Memory of Prof Dr. Bhu Dev Sharma,
The Founder and Honorary President of FIM

FIM-IMIP-UMSO 2021 is a joint conference for

The joint conference aims to gather academics, researchers and practitioners to share expertise and experience, and present the latest research results and findings in fundamental and applied mathematics, business intelligence and management science, information technology and computer science, modelling and simulation, artificial intelligence and machine learning, information and decision science, and related areas.

Topics of Interests include [but are not limited to]:


Computational mathematics, combinatorics, statistics; operations research; computer science and application; fuzzy set theory and applications; graph theory and applications; modelling and simulation; decision making and expert system; computational intelligence; game theory; image processing and machine learning; mathematics education; quantum computational studies; differential equations; computational simulation on advanced materials; theoretical and computational non-linear dynamics.


Information management; decision support system; business intelligence; business management and economic analysis; innovative computing; intelligent control; statistical simulations; operations research; logistics engineering; human resource management in operations; business administration; production and operation management; operation planning, scheduling and control.


Artificial life; artificial society including smart cities and global village; cellular automata; computational models; connected systems including automobiles and internet of things; corporate strategy; cyber-physical systems; fuzzy control and modelling; geosciences and geographical information systems; intelligent systems including artificial intelligence and machine learning; linguistic information processing, multiple attribute decision making; nature inspired computing; probability and possibility theories; reasoning systems including approximation strategies; remote sensing; spatial data analysis including clustering; statistical learning in social sciences; transportation systems.

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A full list of conference committee is available here.